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Sabari Balashramam Master Developmental Plan

          The project for Sabari Balashramam has been outlined keeping in mind the all round development in personality, character formation and inculcation of self reliance in minds of underprivileged children.The project aims at moulding these children into torchbearers of trust, by instilling into the tender minds, qualities like being steadfast in values, having a sound foundation in both practical and creative thinking. The mission is to cater to all round development, by focusing on each aspect on the physical, mental, emotional, cultural, spiritual and intellectual planes.      

Skill Development Centre: (Vocational Training Centre)

        The centre has been planned, keeping in mind the importance of qualities like self reliance and independence that should be bestowed upon children for a secure future they are entitled to have. The plan is to understand the potential and skills these children have, in varied areas, which could be latent.         The project proposes to give them all encouragement by providing a congenial environment in training. By fostering an atmosphere like this, these qualities can be developed into skills that will help them seek a livelihood for themselves in the future.Special training will also be imparted in sectors like automobile, civil and mechanical engineering. The aim is to equip children with practical knowledge along with school and college education, to make them competent enough in securing a career for themselves.The plan is to have facilities like workshop, classrooms, laboratory etc in a two storey building of 2500 sq ft.

Floor area-  2500 sq ftClass rooms-  10 no.s, each of 400 sq ft (20x20 ft)Lab- 1 no, 500 sq ft (20x25 ft)Work shop- 1 no, 500 sq ft (20x25 ft)Total cost- Rs 1 Crore

  School (Vidya Peedom)

        The school building will cater to educational needs of a thousand poor children. The course outline will be based on the central school syllabus and will have 25 classrooms, library, laboratory, auditorium and other facilities, all on a three storey building.The area for the proposed building is 4000 sq ft, with the total area coming up to 16,000 sq ft. The ground floor, first and second floors will have classrooms, office area, library, staff room and laboratory. The plan is to convert the third floor into an auditorium.

The total cost estimated for the 16,000 sq ft building, garden, fountain and other such facilities  is Rs 4 crores.


            It has been proposed to set apart one and a half acres of land exclusively for a playground, where children can develop and show case their talents in sports and other physical activity, which will help produce talents who can earn a place of pride in the national sports arena. 
Focus will be laid on sports, games, native sports, with training imparted to each activity on an equal dedicated footing. Eminent sports persons will also be part of the training programmes that will be an additional encouraging factor for children. A detailed ‘Physical Education Project’ will be outlined for the same. 

Heritage Bhavan

      Aranmula, though a tiny hamlet is a divinely bestowed place. Here we have a bounty of cultural splendor and fiesta of arts that has always enshrined the grandeur of the place. However, inspite of having been bequeathed with the designation ‘Heritage Village’ owing to the rich cultural legacy the place enjoys, there is not much of a provision for onsite studies or specialized research activities. Aranmula is a cultural destination which should have a heritage museum, archaeological park, centre for data collection indigenous to the place, which will go a long way in imparting valuable information to the forth coming generations.The proposed project, ‘Heritage Bhavan’ aims at a revival of all lost glories and those that are likely to be pushed into oblivion and preservation of these cultural antiquities for all future use.
The proposal is to have a single storey building of 5000 sq ft, where the ground floor will house the museum. The upper floor will be used for library, research centre, manuscript archive, conference hall.

Area-  5000 sq ft (a building with two floors)Total area-  10,000 sq ftTotal cost estimated-  Rs 2 crores 

Centre for Arts       

The project aims at developing aesthetic skills of children, which will help in the grooming of master talents who will carve a niche in the nation’s cultural dome. Focus will be given on training in temple percussions, native art forms, traditional painting styles, sculpturing, music and dance and other areas that highlight the cultural grace of the nation.The arena will include a theatre, dance stage, art gallery decked with sculptural splendor etc which will be the highlights of the centre. The cultural centre will present a cross section of the heritage values of Aranmula.
Area-  2,500 sq ft (Two floors)Total cost estimated-  Rs 1 Crore 

Agricultural Research Centre
 Aranmula can rightly be termed as the cradle of agricultural heritage. Each term in agricultural parlance was scientifically coined- eg: the aal (banyan tree) in front of Aranmula Parthasarathy Swamy Temple was known as puthariyaal and the fields, putharikandam. A hoard of terms and usages of the bygone era can be made familiar to the forthcoming
generations, which will help them use these terms in day to day life, which in turn will help in their revival. The project also aims at the resuscitation of agricultural methods that are completely organic, there by maintaining the delicate equilibrium of nature. There will also be methods to impart knowledge on common practices, which are seldom used these days.
The project will include a Gausala, bio-gas plant, centre for manufacturing panchagavya ayurveda medicines, and other products based on bovine products. This will make the picture of a nature friendly, organic farming complete.
Area-   2,500 sq ftTotal area-  5,000 sq ft (two floors)Cost estimated-  Rs 2,000/ sq ftTotal cost-  Rs 1 crore

      As per the proposed plan, the total area required for the construction of buildings will require a land space of 3 acres. The purchase of this is estimated to cost Rs 4 crore. Estimate also shows a requirement of Rs 13 crore towards expenses for the completion of Sabari Balashrama Master Developmental Plan.Requesting whole hearted cooperation and kind assistance from all towards the realization of a dream that aims at wholesome rehabilitation, education and all round development of under privileged children

At a glance:        
              Skill Development Centre                       : Rs 1,00,00,000.00
             School                                                              : Rs 4,00,00,000.00
            Cultural Heritage Learning Centre      : Rs 2,00,00,000.00
           Arts Centre                                                      : Rs 1,00,00,000.00
           Agricultural Centre                                     : Rs 1,00,00,000.00
        Location                                                            : Rs 4,00,00,000.00
                                                                                Rs 13,00,00,000.00

NB: Please draw cheque/ DD in favour  Sabari  Balashramam Aranmula . A/C details is below.
Name : Sabari Balashramam Aranmula
Address of A/C holder : Aranmula PO Pathanamthitta(Dist.) 689533     Telephone  : 04682278370, 227822
eMail :                    
A/C number : 1378101010807                                                                  Bank address : Canara Bank, Aranmula P.O.,  Pathanamthitta, PIN 689533               
 IFSC: CNRB0001378                                                                                       

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