Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sabari Balashramam Master Developmental Plan

          The project for Sabari Balashramam has been outlined keeping in mind the all round development in personality, character formation and inculcation of self reliance in minds of underprivileged children.The project aims at moulding these children into torchbearers of trust, by instilling into the tender minds, qualities like being steadfast in values, having a sound foundation in both practical and creative thinking. The mission is to cater to all round development, by focusing on each aspect on the physical, mental, emotional, cultural, spiritual and intellectual planes.      

Skill Development Centre: (Vocational Training Centre)

        The centre has been planned, keeping in mind the importance of qualities like self reliance and independence that should be bestowed upon children for a secure future they are entitled to have. The plan is to understand the potential and skills these children have, in varied areas, which could be latent.         The project proposes to give them all encouragement by providing a congenial environment in training. By fostering an atmosphere like this, these qualities can be developed into skills that will help them seek a livelihood for themselves in the future.Special training will also be imparted in sectors like automobile, civil and mechanical engineering. The aim is to equip children with practical knowledge along with school and college education, to make them competent enough in securing a career for themselves.The plan is to have facilities like workshop, classrooms, laboratory etc in a two storey building of 2500 sq ft.

Floor area-  2500 sq ftClass rooms-  10 no.s, each of 400 sq ft (20x20 ft)Lab- 1 no, 500 sq ft (20x25 ft)Work shop- 1 no, 500 sq ft (20x25 ft)Total cost- Rs 1 Crore

  School (Vidya Peedom)

        The school building will cater to educational needs of a thousand poor children. The course outline will be based on the central school syllabus and will have 25 classrooms, library, laboratory, auditorium and other facilities, all on a three storey building.The area for the proposed building is 4000 sq ft, with the total area coming up to 16,000 sq ft. The ground floor, first and second floors will have classrooms, office area, library, staff room and laboratory. The plan is to convert the third floor into an auditorium.

The total cost estimated for the 16,000 sq ft building, garden, fountain and other such facilities  is Rs 4 crores.


            It has been proposed to set apart one and a half acres of land exclusively for a playground, where children can develop and show case their talents in sports and other physical activity, which will help produce talents who can earn a place of pride in the national sports arena. 
Focus will be laid on sports, games, native sports, with training imparted to each activity on an equal dedicated footing. Eminent sports persons will also be part of the training programmes that will be an additional encouraging factor for children. A detailed ‘Physical Education Project’ will be outlined for the same. 

Heritage Bhavan

      Aranmula, though a tiny hamlet is a divinely bestowed place. Here we have a bounty of cultural splendor and fiesta of arts that has always enshrined the grandeur of the place. However, inspite of having been bequeathed with the designation ‘Heritage Village’ owing to the rich cultural legacy the place enjoys, there is not much of a provision for onsite studies or specialized research activities. Aranmula is a cultural destination which should have a heritage museum, archaeological park, centre for data collection indigenous to the place, which will go a long way in imparting valuable information to the forth coming generations.The proposed project, ‘Heritage Bhavan’ aims at a revival of all lost glories and those that are likely to be pushed into oblivion and preservation of these cultural antiquities for all future use.
The proposal is to have a single storey building of 5000 sq ft, where the ground floor will house the museum. The upper floor will be used for library, research centre, manuscript archive, conference hall.

Area-  5000 sq ft (a building with two floors)Total area-  10,000 sq ftTotal cost estimated-  Rs 2 crores 

Centre for Arts       

The project aims at developing aesthetic skills of children, which will help in the grooming of master talents who will carve a niche in the nation’s cultural dome. Focus will be given on training in temple percussions, native art forms, traditional painting styles, sculpturing, music and dance and other areas that highlight the cultural grace of the nation.The arena will include a theatre, dance stage, art gallery decked with sculptural splendor etc which will be the highlights of the centre. The cultural centre will present a cross section of the heritage values of Aranmula.
Area-  2,500 sq ft (Two floors)Total cost estimated-  Rs 1 Crore 

Agricultural Research Centre
 Aranmula can rightly be termed as the cradle of agricultural heritage. Each term in agricultural parlance was scientifically coined- eg: the aal (banyan tree) in front of Aranmula Parthasarathy Swamy Temple was known as puthariyaal and the fields, putharikandam. A hoard of terms and usages of the bygone era can be made familiar to the forthcoming
generations, which will help them use these terms in day to day life, which in turn will help in their revival. The project also aims at the resuscitation of agricultural methods that are completely organic, there by maintaining the delicate equilibrium of nature. There will also be methods to impart knowledge on common practices, which are seldom used these days.
The project will include a Gausala, bio-gas plant, centre for manufacturing panchagavya ayurveda medicines, and other products based on bovine products. This will make the picture of a nature friendly, organic farming complete.
Area-   2,500 sq ftTotal area-  5,000 sq ft (two floors)Cost estimated-  Rs 2,000/ sq ftTotal cost-  Rs 1 crore

      As per the proposed plan, the total area required for the construction of buildings will require a land space of 3 acres. The purchase of this is estimated to cost Rs 4 crore. Estimate also shows a requirement of Rs 13 crore towards expenses for the completion of Sabari Balashrama Master Developmental Plan.Requesting whole hearted cooperation and kind assistance from all towards the realization of a dream that aims at wholesome rehabilitation, education and all round development of under privileged children

At a glance:        
              Skill Development Centre                       : Rs 1,00,00,000.00
             School                                                              : Rs 4,00,00,000.00
            Cultural Heritage Learning Centre      : Rs 2,00,00,000.00
           Arts Centre                                                      : Rs 1,00,00,000.00
           Agricultural Centre                                     : Rs 1,00,00,000.00
        Location                                                            : Rs 4,00,00,000.00
                                                                                Rs 13,00,00,000.00

NB: Please draw cheque/ DD in favour  Sabari  Balashramam Aranmula . A/C details is below.
Name : Sabari Balashramam Aranmula
Address of A/C holder : Aranmula PO Pathanamthitta(Dist.) 689533     Telephone  : 04682278370, 227822
eMail :                    
A/C number : 1378101010807                                                                  Bank address : Canara Bank, Aranmula P.O.,  Pathanamthitta, PIN 689533               
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Onam Celebration in Sabari Balashramam : The Banquet shared is Rather Sweeter

Onam is a festival of unity, sharing, caring and love, people join others in celebration.  Here, at Aranmula, Sabari Balashramam witnessed a blissful unity of children...
The Children at Balashramam had 40 guests to share the rejoicing spirit of the festival of unity. Mathrubhumi Seed Club Members with seed coordinators made their third visit on 11th September. The get-together of 80 children from various strata of the society passed a message of equality, harmony and integrity.

 They offered their prayers to the DeshaDevan (Sree Parthasarathy) in lieu of his blessings. The Celebrations started with prayers, (image no.2) Jyothish Babu, Kummanam Rajasekharan, P N Vijayan,Thankappan etc. joined them. All prayed not for their own welfare, but for the whole humanity.

Sabari Balashramam- A Home for Poor Children; under care of a Non-profit, Charitable Organization....

The guests told the children about  remembering all the blessings God showered on us. Shri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Shri. P.N Vijayan, Shri. Jyothish Babu, Shri. Thankappan etc. joined them with sincere devotion and dedication. 
Children kept attentive throughout the function. Shri. Kummanam passed them a message,  One  who serves his life for the society enjoys Onam all the time. What the tender minds have to keep in mind is-  immerse ourselves in attempts to raise others' stance. Real celebration is - casting a helping hand to the needy.. Shri. Jyothish had a lot to tell them- Life should be a Message, some succeed in making it positive and the rest remember them as great ..

Gifts did please them. 

Children may not tell you how much satisfied and pleased they are. Their face says louder than what lips could.  It is how they express their joy.. 
 They received the guests warmheartedly. 
The true message of Onam -  All in One and One in All.. All go to one destiny, onam makes same ecstatic experience to all followers. 

Mercy and compassion are rewarded with   love, godsend and benevolence....
Sreekumar, one of the patrons of Sabari Balashramam shares joy with the guests. 
The institutions shows its gratitude and reverence by many means...
The Onam celebrations made a graceful ambience in sabari balashramam...
Children could feel it, sense it and accord with it - moreover, its them who could sense such amenities.

Aranmula SI Shri Vinod Kumar took part in the onam celebrations.

Onappookkalam symbolizes Unity in Diversity, all flowers gather harmoniously. Bloomed flower is a materialization of joy, happiness, accomplished expectations, abundance, plenitude etc. Flowers of various fragrance, colour and quality gather in one pookkalam banishing all discriminations. Jasmine joins Shoe flower, one goes hand in hand with another.... All that facilitate Unity and Integrity, All entwine to envisage Oneness. Different hands from various angles, with different flowers; all converge at one point- all reach one destiny.
 The Celebrations filled their heart with joy,,,,

Two teams contested in a Tug of War (Vadamvali) , little'uns at Balashramam in one side and little'uns at Seed Club in the other. Finally the warriors of Balashramam succeeded in pulling the rope to their side, all exchanged happiness of victory. The Vadamvali did not display their physical power or stamina or thirst of winning others, but warmed them up to get entangled in a tight bond of love.  
Games did not tire them up... There were no Losers or Winners, but participants alone. 
Balashramam flew up the sky of Grace... Warriors from two sides of the rope assembled for a second tug war. Seniors from two sides checked their muscles and got ready for the game. Strong gentlemen of Balashramam won this time too. But None carved for victory, none raised voice to beat the other.... all of them conjoined to rejoice the other side of the rope. 
Games challenged not their physical strength only, but the readiness to face eventualities also. How many Coralwood Seeds (Manchadi) one could take in a limited time proved how swift they were. 
Kaserakali was not to snatch another's chair, not to tackle another, not to prove how efficient one was in utilizing opportunities.. All expedited the realization of Oneness, the need of  getting interwoven with the companions in the society. Balashramam accorded with the electrifying ecstasy of the eighty rosebuds, Oh God, thou art the father of all creatures.. How great thou art.. Thou gave us food, clothes, shelters and above all, the godsend to love each other... 

Time to have a break, all bowed head with the thought of passing through the final moments of the day's celebrations. Finally, the patrons thanked the love and affection the guests bestowed on us. 

"Anchal onninte madhye
Marathaka mala pol...
nenchil kinchil pirinjeedaruth 
athinanisham kalame kai thozhunnen"

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Humble Request- Your Helping Hand will be Appreciated.

         With due respects and humble submission, may I invite your kind attention to the efforts we have undertaken to preserve and propagate our ancient culture and heritage.
          As a genuine and bold step in this regard, a master project  is in full swing  to develop a  Balashramam – A Heritage Home for Poor and Destitute Children, at Aranmula, the  heritage village situated on the bank of the holy river Pampa, Pathanamthitta dist. . The home is intended to provide facilities, to inculcate and imbibe our heritage in the coming generations by providing education, and accommodation. Besides this, we are planning to set up a
heritage museum, school, playing ground, art gallery, archeological park, cultural library, gurukulam etc. in the same complex. A three storied building with 3 acres of land at Aranmula is to be purchased for this project. The total cost for this project will come about 10 crores.

           Aranmula  has received recognition from UNDP and central govt. as a venture for protecting the valuable traditional customs,  practices,  knowledges  and our cultural heritage. The banks of the holy river Pampa is a cradle of our ancient civilization and age old culture which has found its resonance in our mighty epics. Aranmula metal mirror, snake boat festival and other aspects are the zeniths of the unique cultural heritage of Aranmula. Needless to say, any effort  in this regard to protect  the same will be an asset, worthy for all forth coming generations.
         We have pledged to take up this project as a humble attempt to revive and rejuvenate our heritage, towards the guidance of these under-privileged children.
             We request your whole hearted cooperation in making the venture a success, by contributing in the form of donations, a considerable amount for the project.
                  May Lord Thiruvaranmula Appan Bless You All.
                             Thanking you, in service of Dharma,
  Kummanam Rajasekharan 
  Chief Patron
Sabari Balashramam,  Aranmula PO              
Pathanamthitta,  Kerala

NB: Please draw cheque/ DD in favour  Sabari  Balashramam Aranmula . A/C details is below.
Name : Sabari Balashramam Aranmula
Address of A/C holder : Aranmula PO Pathanamthitta(Dist.) 689533     Telephone  : 04682278370, 227822
eMail :                    
A/C number : 1378101010807                                                                  Bank address : Canara Bank, Aranmula P.O.,  Pathanamthitta, PIN 689533               
 IFSC: CNRB0001378                                                                                       

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sabari Balashramam A Heritage Home for Poor Children

The  Plight of Children – Worse than a Nightmare

In an era, where crimes against children have been rising at an alarming rate and the plight of poor and hapless children becoming worse than a nightmare, Sabari Balashramam, Aranmula has come up with a solution to transform the lives of numerous under-privileged children.
Sabari Balashramam is envisaging a Rs. 10 crore project at Aranmula, the divinely blessed heritage village, aimed at providing the much needed support & motivation for under-privileged children. The aim is not just to provide basic amenities like good food or clothing, but to induce values in the children and groom them to become culturally oriented & committed citizens of this nation.
In a land where at least two out of ten children lead an insecure & poverty stricken life, there is an imminent need for social organizations to turn their prime focus for the cause of these under-privileged children. 
God’s Own Country Kerala, though blessed with plenitude is now witnessing an unprecedented spate of crimes against children. This is having a crippling effect on the very social fabric and gives birth to an entire generation of mentally, emotionally and spiritually bereft beings.
The state has been standing a mute witness to a rise in crime against children for the last few years. Statistics have revealed a shocking 596 crimes against children in 2010, which escalated to 1,324 cases in 2012. Alcoholism and family problems are attributed as the main factors though other reasons like poverty, unemployment, lack of social values, domestic harassment, sexual abuse etc. also play a very significant role.

Sabari Balashramam – A Heritage Home for Poor Children

         At Sabari Balashramam, we intend to provide a secure and spiritually rich environment for these children to grow up.  All essentials like food, education and safe housing would be addressed to. But the prime focus invariably would be to mould these children to becoming the torch bearers of the society tomorrow, in a cultural and ethical way, conforming to the nation’s ethos.

The plan envisaged is simple, yet grand. There would be provision for a library, dining hall, and bath area at the hostel. Apart from imparting formal education to empower these children to forge ahead in the world today, an all encompassing training would also be provided in the areas of art, philosophy, culture and heritage. Skill development programmes, which can help them establish themselves in the entrepreneur world at a later stage, would also be given thrust.


           Aranmula, one of the most hallowed strips of land on the banks of the Holy River Pampa stands as a towering beacon of light with many epithets,  an inner strength of morality, ethical values and righteousness.
This tiny hamlet is the very synonym of all eternal principles of ancient heritage & civilization.  Probably this is because it has been celebrated, extolled and eulogized in our great epics, scriptures and Upanishads.
Aranmula is rich in the aspect of organic diversity of nature, abounding in rivers, paddy fields, streams, brooks, ponds, groves, sanctified woodlands and hallowed domiciles of serpents. 
The great Aranmula temple, Thiruvaranmula Parthasarathy Kshethram, is a shrine of faith, culture, artistry and heritage, standing as a hub of unification. Along with this, the glory is illumined by the ceremonious festivals of Vallamkali: the regatta or boat race and Vallasadya: the consecrated banquets served in honour of the palliyodams or participating boats. These are divine offerings to Lord Krishna for material and spiritual well-being, with the accompaniment of rustic hymns and songs sung while rowing boats on the divine river Pampa. 
            The grandeur of this heritage village is augmented by great royal snake boats; royal lanterns or candelabrum; Aranmula Kannadi, the uniquely manufactured mirror, which is not glass, but a secret amalgam of metals.


The social and cultural renaissance of Aranmula has been strengthened and enriched by the incessant work and perseverance of our sages, who have dedicated their lives with monastic austerities and duties voluntarily undertaken. 

The Holy River Pampa, on the bank of which Sabari Balashramam is situated, is closely associated with the legends narrated in Ramayana.

Sabari Matha was a poor tribal woman who dedicated herself to Lord Rama with due renunciation, love and compassion. The message of Sabari is to see godliness in all: “All in God and God in All”.

The impoverished children here undoubtedly are the manifestations of God. To save and serve them is a divine experience and act, as enumerated by the teachings of Sabari Matha. Hence, Sabari Balashramam is intended to be developed as an asylum for poor children.

An Appeal

The mantra ‘Manav seva Madhav seva’, meaning ‘service to mankind is service to God’ motivates us to take up this cause.  We undertake this project as our humble way of expressing gratitude to God.   We believe that there is no better way to serve God than to help and motivate the under-privileged children to grow up rich in religious, cultural and humanitarian values.
We will be extremely thankful in the case of sponsorship of rooms in the building. The expense per Sq.Ft. has been worked out at an approximate of Rs 1750 (One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty).  The requirement for a child is 40Sq. Ft, for which a sum of Rs 70,000 (Seventy Thousand) is to be spent.  We have decided to earmark each class room in the names of those who offer Rs 5 lakhs as a donation amount.

The names of those who donate over a lakh rupees will be recorded and exhibited in front of the school building.  Any amount offered will definitely have a boosting effect on all efforts taken for uplifting our heritage and culture.

All philanthropists are hereby requested to cooperate and help in our efforts and mission aimed at the fulfillment of these noble dreams.

At the holy feet of  Sabari Mathaji,

Kummanam Rajasekharan
Chief Patron
Sabari Balashramam, Aranmula

NB: Please draw cheque/ DD in favour  Sabari  Balashramam Aranmula . A/C details is added below.
Name : Sabari Balashramam Aranmula
Address of A/C holder : Aranmula PO Pathanamthitta(Dist.) 689533     Telephone  : 04682278370, 227822
eMail :                    
A/C number : 1378101010807                                                                  
Bank address : Canara Bank, Aranmula P.O.,  Pathanamthitta, PIN 689533               
 IFSC: CNRB0001378